Donate & Help Our Rescue Kittens!

Each Spring we typically take in rescue kittens and foster some critical cases so they don’t wind up in a kill shelter. While we do not have official non-profit status, we foster for many agencies that do. This means we provide housing, vet services, food, treatment and love for all the cats and kittens that…

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Mom Winnie + 3

Just took in Winnie and her three kittens who are about 5 weeks old. Sweet Winnie has vestibular syndrome, which effects the inner ear, and causes extreme imbalance, eyes that constantly dart back and forth and a jolting, tilting head. It is super disturbing to watch, but the good news is that it is temporary…

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New Soon-To-Be Mom Stella!

Just took in Stella, a super pretty light colored calico who is pregnant. Not sure how far along she is, but she is getting wider by the day 🙂